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Remodelling work

As we bought the house we were fully aware that an older house needs some repair work ... but as it always happens in our case (!) a lot of work has been done over the years:

2008: The first projects were replacing the floor and at the same time moving the kitchen into the family room.
Outside we remodelled the terrace under a roof (it is called a "lanai" here in Florida).

2009: Juergen painted the house walls and the remodel of the entrance was a joint project of both of us. Furthermore there was a bit of garden work to be done like bushes along the driveway.

2010: Then we had the brilliant idea to install an open fireplace to keep warm during the cold Florida winters. During that remodelling Juergen put down tiles in the office area. Only the area of the sitting room kept its original cozy carpet until 2019 (see below) as it was that "much cuddlier" (quote Juergen).

2011: Remodelling the guest bathroom was done in steps:
when we replaced the faucets/taps new tiles were put up on this part of the wall.

2011: A really big project was the complete remodelling of our bathroom area (master bath). We swapped everything around and walls were moved.

2012: New windows were put in in our bedroom and the front room.

2013: The regular toilet in our bathroom were exchanged for a shower bidet toilet.

The "unoccupied" toilet moved into the guest bathroom. Part of that work was replacing the furniture with cabinets by IKEA and most of the walls were tiled.

2014: We always found our hallway too dark. After we looked into several companies we decided to go with glass insets by Devin O'Connell for our front door.

2015: In that year we added Maria's Art Studio to the front of the house. Unfortunately only part of the craftsmen showed up which changed it to a mammouth project for Juergen (fortunately our neighbour Patrick was able to help doing some of the work).

2017: Unfortunately the pool surface had become cloudy, with dark spots and partially damaged over the years.
That was the reason we decidec on a complete overhaul of the pool area, i.e. besides resurfacing the pool the pool deck got pavers and Juergen installed a wooden whirlpool (or jacuzzi as they say in the US) in barrel shapeLeider war die Poolbeschichtung mittlerweile fleckig und schadhaft geworden.

Before this work was started we had somebody replace the screen in the roof area (the sides were done by Juergen after hurricane IRMA during the 2017/2018 season.

2018: We got a new garage door, now hurricane proof!

2019: At the beginning of the year even the last remaining bit of the old carpet was replaced by bamboo hardwood laminate.

In Autumn we had to renovate the master bedroom. The carpet had become dirty and flattened. Furthermore the water upholstered edges of the mattress, especially on Maria's side, were pressed down from sitting on it.

At the end of the year before Juergen had bought a new boat, a "MacGregor" which may be used either as sail boat or as motoryacht. That was why we decided to have a boat dock with a lift built.

In these days Maria urges Juergen to remodel our guest bedrooms as we do not need so many kids' beds anymore. We are planning to change the kids' room into a double with the existing queen bed and the other room could become something like a little private sitting room for our guests, maybe with a sleeper sofa.