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Maria's Art Studio

Maria always had that dream of a room to do painting and arts and crafts, just for her own.

Unfortunately it did not work out in Limburg:
Maria's room always got converted into a kids' playroom or a guest bedroom. After having cleared away her easel or her silk painting frame the hundredth time she gave up and put all the arts and crafts stuff away in boxes and has not looked at it since then.

In Florida this is going to change now.

The existing guest bedrooms are unsuitable for an art studio:
- first they are too dark and too full of furniture
- and they are needed regularly as guest accomodation.

A new room has to be found!

But first of all this room has to be built.

How we started that and all about this adventure you may follow under "progress of the construction work".
The various work details are shown in the addition picture gallery.

As soon as the first art is ready it will be shown here, too.