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Kensington's Home - our (winter) home in Florida

A little general information ...

On March 31st we signed the contract for our house at the Rondo Canal in Cape Coral, Florida.

The house came with a 28 year old kitchen, a leeking washing machine and a faulty dryer. And that's all!

Unfortunately the ice maker in our old fridge produced ice but only as a huge block of ice in the bottom drawer of the freezer. And in case that drawer was full a little rivulet sneeked out in the back and dribbled under the cabinets beside the fridge.

The first days ...

We were lucky: the carpet in the front room was new and soft, just right to sleep on the floor during the first few days!

The first days were filled with visits to all kinds of furniture stores. Fortunately we had investigated during earlier Florida visits which store catered to our furniture taste.

As the storage capacities of the big furniture stores are -compared to Germany- huge the longest deliveries were 2 weeks only!

Do not believe that buying furniture was our only job.

As we decided to buy an older house some remodelling had to be done, too.

The longer we stay here in Florida the more we find nature ...

...and the very changeable weather fascinating.

Just a first impression around the house:




Canal and
boat dock


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