Furnishing the House

We returned to Florida in May 2008 to furnish our "home away from home".

It felt like the situation when we left our parent's home.

Everything, starting with silverware, pots and pans, small and big appliances up to furniture and articles for decoration.

A little bit of the "small stuff" we had bought already and stored it in a big box with a friend.

Fortunately delivery times for furniture in Florida are much shorter than in Germany! The longest wait was 10 days.

A few impressions how we furnished the rooms:

Diashow of the interior views (will be following shortly).

A few remarks ...

regarding issues we never thought about when we bought things like silverware and others made of stainless steel:

Unfortunately the water reacts very aggressively because of the high chlorine content. And we definitely do not want to drink it! Fortunately there is a built-in filter in our Fridge which takes care of the chlorine.

Even the coloured clothes fade more quickly than in Germany because of the chlorine.