Laundry Room

American houses typically contain a laundry room.
In the old times or further up North it would have been something similar to the German washing cellar.

But a Floridean laundry room lacks a washing rack or similar to hang up your freshly laundered clothes as the weather is to humid most of the year to air-dry your washing.
Here you can find washer and dryer (and in some cases storages closets).

As noted in the introduction both appliances, washer and dryer, were broken when we bought the house ...

The old laundry room containg a top-loading washer:

(and do not expect the drum to turn ... no, only the middle part moves!)

(to enlarge please click on the picture)

... and this is today's modern style laundry room:

For a few weeks now we even have a proper storage closet: