The kitchen

When we bought the bought our first thought was: "This kitchen has to go!"
The old contained appliances that were either

a. not working (Fridge-Freezer),

b. very loud when in action (dishwasher)

c. not usable for Maria (control knobs of the range were in the back at the wall).

And we definitely did not like the look (dark brown wooden cabinets with a yellow countertop):

Furthermore we tried to figure out how to put enough standing cabinets into the existing space as the "dwarfs" in this household are unable to reach the hanging wall cabinets!

Our solution:
"We move the kitchen into the family room which is half the day too dark anyway to serve as a dining room!"

With a lot of effort and remodelling work we moved the kitchen.

Unused family room ...

... become a dining area ad interim ...

... and later on with kitchen cabinets finished by ourselves ...

... it became a modern style kitchen including all appliances both of us had wished for.